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If you are looking for original music for your Social media Ads, Business Background, Videos, Singer/Songwriter assets, or just Easy Listening, then you are in the right place!

Producer and digital Composer Kevin Finley, founder of Coast Cafe Soundscapes, creates music in these, and more, genres:

> Symphonic Folk

> Celtic Fusion

> Chillout Lounge

> Meditation

> Inspirational

Kevin works alone to create music quickly on demand for clients, or for his own projects such as the Northwest Chill album, released 2017. The music production tool box is always growing, and currently includes the following: 

Hardware: M-Audio Keystation pro 88. Roland RP501, Alesis Vortex, Breath modulator, Focusrite 18i8 24 bit audio interface, 45 gallon epic drum kit, hand percussion, Shure 57 and 58 mics, iMac, PC. 

Software: Live, Pro tools, Kontakt player, Wavelab, Acou6tics, Desert Winds, Studio Strings, Hurdy Gurdy, Shevannai, and Epic World.

Kevin also works with singers, writers, and session players so regardless of where you are in the world, if you are in need of music, a co-writer, or co-producer then please contact Coast Cafe Soundscapes. You'll be glad you did!